Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today I'm majorly hearting:
  • Layering blazers over casual t-shirts for comfort and polish
  • Long lunches with friends
  • Working (or at least trying to) from home
  • Rainy spring days that are perfect for a bowl of creamy chili
  • The delicious feeling of having a brand-new book waiting to be read
The lunch was yam fries. Well, technically it was a club sandwich, but really when yam fries are involved, I am liable to forget a minor detail like that. The work is (let's be honest) probably going to get done tomorrow instead... Oops. The chili is EatLiveRun's Creamy White Chicken Chili. Which, despite my best efforts, will not be served in sourdough bread bowls... Although, on the plus-side, I'm pretty sure that makes larger dessert portions mandatory. Right? Finally, the book is Nina Garcia's The Style Strategy, a book I've been dying to read forever, and is sure to teach me many more ways to spend far too much money on clothing. C'est la vie!


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