Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Tuesday Hearts

Happy Tuesday all!!!

Since I have an oddball work schedule, I usually end up working Saturday, and getting Tuesday off in exchange. And I MEGA heart weekends, therefore, I heart Tuesdays!! Please forgive my momentary week-day off gloating, and delight in the fact that, come Saturday, I'll be inside working all day long..

Moving on.

Something I'm starting to realize more and more is that weekends (or, in my case, Tuesdays) are a whole lot less fun when you're a grown-up. I miss those childhood weekends where there were no errands to be completed, no house-cleaning, no worries... Just friends, and endless hours spent outside in the sun... Love.

Lucky for me, if I get my grown-up responsibilities done, there will be some outdoor fun with a friend this afternoon. With any luck, my day will look a little something like this:
  • Do dishes (Is it bad that we currently have two days worth on our counter? Don't judge!)
  • Make chicken pot pie to be put in oven later for dinner (Maybe do some more dishes...)
  • Vacuum (It's been nearly two weeks since my newfound enthusiasm for this - where does time go?)
  • Visit my grandparents (AKA the g-pad!)
  • Play tennis! (Fingers crossed today is less windy than last Tuesday...)
  • Watch the Canucks game (They have a chance to sweep the series tonight!!! Woot woot!!!!!)
Some work followed by lots of fun stuff. I think I can handle that ;)

I'll leave you with a few things I'm loving right now (and will be chatting more about soon):
  • Quick overnight oats with strawberries (yummy!)
  • The DIY Canucks tie I made the BF to wear to work today (pics to come)
  • Dried peaches (why have I never seen these before?)
  • Planning/hosting an Easter dinner for friends (dessert ideas?)
  • Pricing out a few mini-vacay options for next week :D
  • Brackets (What can I say - I'm too chatty for single phrase bulletpoints... Oops.)
Here's to productive days all around.


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