Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tennis! And a Salad?

I hope I'm not over-estimating the weather again...

A friend and I are going to attempt tennis this afternoon! It will be our first time out this season - I want to say we'll be a little rusty from not playing all winter... But I don't think we're quite skilled enough to develop rust. Lol.

I had an early lunch to prepare for our intense tennis game (we always get made fun of because we don't actually play games... but isn't tennis more about chatting anyway?). Lunch was an amazing salad. And believe me, those are two words I never use in the same sentence. To say that I am not a salad person would be an understatement. Logically I understand the value of a salad. But the chopping of ingredients scares me. And lettuce is so dry... I won't bore you with any other excuses, just know that, before yesterday, the last time I ate a salad was probably Christmas time. Not counting potato salad or coleslaw, because when there's more mayo than veggies, I'm not really sure something can qualify as a salad... Lunch today definitely qualifies.

This salad was full of nutrition (and I didn't even need to chop anything!). It had mixed lettuce, dried cranberries, cheddar cheese, apple slices, and balsamic vinaigrette. The dressing was one that I bought a few summer's ago (it's Kraft and it's crazy good), but due to my lack of friendship with salads, it has been lost in my fridge for a while. And it apparently expired over a year ago - I choose to tell myself vinegar and oil can't really expire. Right?

I'm racing to get to tennis by 1:30, but since I'm sure I'll be a bit late anyway, I want to share a few weekend purchases with you. They all make me feel happy every time I see them and they were all fairly inexpensive. Low guilt purchases rock my socks off!

This yellow scarf was $9.95 and will add a pop of colour to tons of outfits that I already have. Super fun!
I tend to forget about accessorizing with jewellery... But this bracelet was only $12.95 and it has an adorable elephant charm on it. Add in the cute jingling noise it makes while I type at work and I'm sold. Adore.
These blue (sort of fish-shaped) dishes were too fresh and inexpensive to pass up. They perfectly match the colour scheme I'm using in the new apartment, and were only $1.50 each. I was sold.
It's amazing how a few small purchases make life feel a little more luxurious. I'm a huge fan of bright, fun new things for spring. The boyfriend, on the other hand, is scared everytime I walk in the door with another shopping bag... But how can one be expected to resist such lovely things? It's like the stores know my weakness(es?)... Hehe.

Hope you all have fantabulous afternoon plans too!!!


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