Thursday, April 07, 2011


Good morning lovelies!!

Spring seems to have finally arrived here... I think I've caught the spring cleaning bug. Change is in the air for sure!!! And it's inspiring some hearts on this day before Friday (What is Thursday if not the day before Friday?).

I currently adore:
  • Opening the apartment doors and windows to let fresh air and sunshine-y warmth in
  • Attempting curly hair styles that feel a lot less stuffy than my normal flat-ironed style
  • Vacuuming away all of the dust (and hopefully some of the allergy symptoms I've been having)
  • Finally purchasing a sunscreen that can be used daily before make-up (Btdubs, Aveeno's new Smart Essentials cream with SPF 30 smells AMAZING!)
  • Making a concerted effort to take my vitamins (multivitamin/vitamin B12) and drink tons of water
  • Getting outside more!
Not sure about the exact execution of that final point, but I envision it taking the form of evening strolls, Saturday hikes up a local mountain, afternoon tennis matches, and perhaps even the start of a running plan? Sounds like pure amazingness to me.

One final heart: The idea of a spring refresh not just applying to your home, but to yourself. Pretty pink nails, new eyeshadow, a brightly coloured scarf, maybe a bit of self-tanner cream (Would it end horrifically if I try to use 3-year-old lotion? Does that stuff expire?)... Just thinking of these things makes me smile uber much.

Only 3.5 hours until I'm done works and can head out into the sunshine!


P.S. - The gallery wall from Friday turned out differently than I had planned... Not badly, just differently. I will post pics ASAP. And the shopping hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed that changes ASAP too!

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