Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Working 11 to 7

One of my jobs is a casual position where I get maybe 15 hours a week scheduled, and then they call me when they need extra help.

Originally I was scheduled to work from 3 to 7 today - not the longest shift ever, but I was looking forward to getting some cleaning done and perhaps even vacuuming again (if I could manage to vacuum once a week that would be crazy-awesome). Now I've been called in to work at 11 instead, and since I never say no to extra work, it's going to be a long day.

Weird work times throw my personal schedule off in a major way. I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels when the times that I eat my meals changes. For instance, today I'll have a big breakfast and a snack before work, then I'll probably have a small lunch at 1:00 and then a larger snack around 4:00. Then I'll wait until I'm home at 7:30 to have an actual dinner. I think this is double-ly tricky because there aren't too many healthy options at work, so I usually end up eating "junk" food at work (always with orange juice though!)... Something to work on. I think a little bit of preparation could go a long way on these sorts of days.

In other news: My Canucks are playing their first playoff game tonight!!!! They were the number one team in the NHL this year, so hopes are high for the playoffs. They're versing Chicago in the first round though... And things have not gone well against Chicago in the past. Let's just say I cringe whenever I hear Chelsea Dagger.

Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!
So that's what I'll be doing tonight. I'm excited to see if everyone is in the playoff spirit at work today!

Do any of you watch hockey? It sometimes gets a bad rap, but I grew up watching it, and it's really amazing what the players can do on skates moving at such high speeds. I've even got the BF hooked on it now!


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